Kia ora colleagues

The CPPA Executive met on the afternoon of Thursday 19 October at the Russley Golf Course. Here are some highlights…

New Zealand Principals’ Federation

Congratulations to our Canterbury Principals Sandy Hastings, John Bangma, and Jason Miles elected to NZPF.


Physical Restraint of Pupils

There was much discussion about the challenges of the new legislative requirements and it was resolved that the Executive would write to the Ministry and seek clarification around the various training options on offer, and the related delivery timeframes.

Principals should note that before any support staff employee is authorised to use physical restraint, they should have been given full training. We will share the Ministry’s clarification about the different training programmes available, (including UBRS and MAPR), and any funding available to support them.


Funding for CPPA Mentors

We are delighted to hear that the Ministry of Education has reinstated funding to support the work of our two principal mentors, Maureen Kerr and Peter Bradley. The funding is capped at $100,000 p.a.


Closures and Mergers

The CPPA is gathering information and communicating with affected Canterbury principals, including the ones who have left the profession, to hear their voice. Denise Torrey is tracking down the terms of reference for the central Ministry review process and lobbying for the CPPA to be involved. This work will be led by Jacqui Duncan


ERO Meeting

CPPA President Marg Trotter has again met with the head of the Christchurch ERO Team, Leslie Patterson. It is clear that their new review model is being reviewed in light of feedback from recently reviewed schools, and will be changed.


Modern Learning Environments

There was some discussion about recent media reporting and a sense of negativity being spread about schools’ efforts with collaborative practice. This includes a lack of understanding about building modern spaces which are significantly different to those that many parents experienced when at school and still seem to expect for their children. The CPPA plans to fund some public marketing around modern pedagogies and school design, and will endeavour to work with media to keep them better informed and more supportive.


CPPA Executive.​