We hope that colleagues will appreciate the return of the Executive Snippets – short updates on work under way or current issues of relevance. The Exec last met on Thursday 15 June, so these are a little late, but we will get more timely!

Ministry Apology

The CPPA’s press release was distributed on Friday. The feeling is that it’s too little and too late. The apology was buried at the back of Section B in Saturday’s Press. Our current experience of the local relationship is a reduction in support, and any consultation feels somewhat token. We will be challenging the Ministry on this directly.

Resourcing for Principal Advisors

Funding for our principal advisors, Peter Bradley and Maureen Kerr, has been slashed for the next two financial years, despite our strong arguments to reinforce this important work. We intend to raise the resourcing issues face to face with the local office, and if necessary further up the Ministry’s chain of command.

ERO Concerns

CPPA met with Sue Carswell and Leslie Patterson to raise issues fielded from members and across the South Island from the Leadership Advisory Board. There are three major concerns:

  • The narrow nature of current emerging reports

They give an evaluative judgement but no narrative. Nor do we think the reports answer the questions outlined in the Effective Evaluation booklet as referred to in the pre-review documentation .The reports are not positively framed and schools are being judged by communities using a very narrow document. This is a national concern and ERO is looking into this concern

  • The demeanour of some of their reviewers

…described as adversarial, aggressive, and bullying. Some of our schools have complained that they feel interrogated. They were very concerned about this and said that if there are concerns during the review to contact Sue Carswell or Leslie Patterson. For some of our members we realise this may be difficult, so contact Denise Torrey or Margaret Trotter of CPPA.

  • The narrow focus on National Standards and NCEA data in forming judgments about student outcomes and school quality

In the recent meeting with principal, boards and ERO they explained to it was NOT meant to be just data.

CPPA has always had a positive relationship with ERO, but the tone has definitely changed. It is also noted that the meeting on Thursday last week was very different from the meeting earlier in the year.. The latter meeting gave far more information about the review process.

CPPA is writing to Nick Pole (the new Chief Executive of ERO) to outline our concerns.

Frances Nelson and new School Leadership Strategy

Frances outlined the development of a new leadership strategy being developed by the Education Council. For a full overview of the process, visit the Education Council’s relevant page.

Cohort Entry

Sample Cohort Entry policies have been developed and will be shared with schools this week, along with relevant timeframes and requirements. The first term that can allow Cohort Entry is term one 2018. Watch this space…

Enrolment Schemes

A brief summary of the key requirements of running enrolment schemes will be shared with colleagues very shortly – including reminders about good practice and the legal requirements and timeframes.

Casual Vacancy

The election to fill the vacancy created by Christine Harris’s resignation was held last week, and the successful candidate was Jo Earl. We thank all the candidates for their interest in the role.

CPPA Survey

The Executive has planned a member survey of the key issues which are on your radar, and will seek feedback from you on the things that are working well, and the areas that need to be improved. The survey will be distributed next week, and we hope that you will all take five minutes to tell us what you think.